About the Founder



Juan Victor Huacac Candia – Professional Tour Guide – Cuzco-Peru

Victor is a native from the Andes (Cuzco – Peru), he has worked as an adventure and cultural Tour Guide since 2005. He has an easy going personality, is knowledgeable about the Incas culture and wildlife, and speaks fluent English. He loves to show his country with a lot of passion as well as enabling his guests to interact with the local people and their customs. He is very proud to be born in Cuzco and you will enjoy spending time with him.

This is one of the main reasons to start this adventure called Cuzco Peru Travel, with the experience acquired during all these years as a professional tourism guide in the region of Cuzco Peru I decided to found this small company but with great projects for the future, Our main Goal is to create unforgettable journeys in the heart of the Andes offering a lot of history, culture, traditions, customs, entertainment and much more ……..That’s why our motto is Unforgettable Journeys.

here a small description about me.

I am a person who really likes to share my history, customs, traditions and religion of my home town, Cuzco.

Since I am a professional tour guide I really love what I do because I can show my country to the world, this is my principal goal with the visitors share as much as is possible my home town and compare with the world in a good way.

I am an Andean Tour guide that why I love the mountains, my traditions, customs and my people because I grew up and I was raised as they.


Founder of Cuzco Peru Travel.